Do Artificial Sweeteners CAUSE Flab?

Do Artificial Sweeteners CAUSE Flab? (You know, the chemical-sweeteners found in diet soft drinks and thousands of other "healthy foods.")

Nutrition Lie #2 - You Need Lots of Protein (to build muscle)

As hard as we try, we can never escape the flood of protein-related advertizing and conflicting information. For some reason, protein has been heralded as the “hot body nutrient” in fitness magazines. And over the past few decades, the belief that “more is better” has somehow diffused into our collective consciousness.

The Flax Of Life

What makes flaxseeds so special can be spelled out in one word and that’s L-I-G-N-A-N-S.Flax

Big Fat Food Lies: Nutrition Lie #1 - Eating Fat Makes You Fat

This has got to be one of the most pervasive nutrition myths of our time. Since the 1980s, when the whole “low-fat” and “diet” craze began, we’ve seen our population get fatter and sicker. What gives?

If eating fat is supposed to make us fat, then eating less of it should be a good thing – at least for our waistlines - right?

Is it safe to eat fish packaged in cans, like salmon and sardines?


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Food packaging of any kind can present health risks if there are unwanted substances in the packaging that come into direct contact with the food. These risk are not usually great enough for a person to automatically avoid the food, but if the food is a regular part of the diet (eaten several times a week or more over a long period of time), it may still be worth considering a change in the food selection.

Inflammation - A Big Factor In The Aging Process

The morning stiffness you feel may not yet qualify as, arthritis, but it's likely a sign of inflammation simmering throughout your body. Other red flags include elevated blood sugar levels, high cholesterol levels or a few extra pounds around the middle - each of which may help set the stage for serious inflammatory diseases. This startling news comes as medicine is quickly changing its view of inflammation. Just a few years ago, chronic inflammation largely indicated arthritis and other "-itis" diseases.

3 Tips to de-stress and get lean (demolish cortisol) !!!!!

If you've been following me for any length of time you've heard me

Hate Spinach? Why You Must Eat This Food

Whether you’re looking to lose fat or just want to improve your overall health, one food that you absolutely must get in place with your diet plan is spinach.  Many people have a  love hate relationship with it.

They love the nutrition that it offers their body but hate the way it tastes.

If that’s you, then you need to look for simple ways to incorporate it into other meals that will easily disguise the taste so that you can get it back into your diet.

"Top 10 Lessons for 2012"

To get you ready for the new year, today I've posted my "Top 10 Lessons for 2012" -- ten ways that our research can help you get in the best shape of your life, do it the easy way, and make it last. Many of these you have heard before – nothing is new and so far I don’t think that “Magic Pill” has been discovered yet – so here they are again just to refresh your memory.

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