Kimberly Snyder’s Official Glowing Green Smoothie Recipe

One of our BootCampers sent me this smoothie drink she found on the web by Kimberly Snyder and I give it two thumbs up!! It is a great recipe and I encourage you all to try it.

Drinking green smoothies is a great way to incorporate tremendous amounts of greens into your diet – far more than just eating your veggies. Greens have more valuable nutrients than any other food group on the planet. You might be surprised to learn that greens even have high-quality, easily-assimilated proteins – enough to build the muscle mass of the mighty, greens-eating gorilla, which pound-for-pound is the strongest animal on earth!

Green Drink for Fitness Training

Blending helps make greens’ full spectrum of nutrition readily available to the body. Nutrients are encased inside plant cells and getting their benefits requires these cells’ walls to be ruptured. Greens need to be worked down to a creamy consistency, but most people simply don’t chew that much! Blending addresses this problem, helping your body absorb the maximum amount of nutrition from your greens. So, this is it . . . the star of the whole program.

This is the drink that I drink every day, and have all my clients drink to feel and look their best. I hope that it will become part of your daily life as well. I generally recommend starting out consuming around 16 ounces of the Glowing Green Smoothie, and then working up to 24 ounces or more. A Vitamix blender is definitely recommended to make this smoothie, so that it’s smooth, silky, and delicious in only a few minutes of prep time and cleanup. The advantage of making a big batch like this one is time and convenience.

Unlike juice, the Glowing Green Smoothie will keep in your refrigerator, as long as it’s covered, for about two and a half days. You can share it with your family or roommates, or have it yourself over that time period. You can also freeze portion sizes of it in glass containers and thaw out the night before in a bind. Note: I encourage you to mix and match your greens and fruit. Vary this recipe with kale, chard, arugula, and the like. Just avoid melons, as they don’t combine well with other produce.

Ingredients (64 ounces / 2-4 servings)

• 1 ½- 2 cups very cold, filtered water

• 6 cups spinach, chopped

• 5 cups organic romaine lettuce, chopped

• 2 stalks of organic celery

• 1 organic apple, cored and chopped

• 1 organic pear, cored and chopped

• 1 organic banana

• 1–2 Tbs. fresh organic lemonjuice

Optional Ingredients

• Ice cubes (the extra coldness can help newbies with the taste)

• 1/2 cup of organic cilantro

• 1/2 cup of organic parsley

Directions Add water, spinach and chopped romaine to the blender. Starting the blender on a low speed; mix until smooth. Gradually move to higher speeds and add the herbs, celery, pear, and apple. Add the banana and lemon juice last.

*For 1 serving, cut out one of the fruits and the celery.

Thanks and enjoy!!!