A Little More On Protein

It has special fat burning powers. In other words it has a high Metabolic Thermo-Charge!

In fact, it's the one macronutrient that will serve to increase the metabolic rate so that you burn more calories in the hours after consuming it. This is because the body will actually expend a large number of calories just breaking that protein down, therefore increasing your total daily calorie burn. Finally, protein ranks very high on the satisfy factor. If you don't want to deal with hunger while on your fat loss diet program, protein is the type of food that you must be eating. There's no way around this one – protein is top notch for hunger control. So as you can see, protein is a must-have. And the best sources of protein?


Eggs, chicken and poultry, lean red meat (lean beef or game meat which is a fantastic source of protein),  and fish are the main ones to turn to. A quality source of whey protein powder is also a great way to get in more protein throughout the day and you'll notice that some of the recipes I'll provide you utilize this powerful supplement to not only enhance the flavor, but give more well-rounded nutrition. Make the most of it – it's highly convenient, completely safe (unlike what you might have heard), and will be used by your muscles very well. So the trick is to get more of the right sources of protein in your diet! Do this and you're off to a great start and will instantly be burning up fat faster.