The NO-GUILT Fat-Burning Frappucino!

Today I wanted to share a healthy recipe alternative for a normally sinful vice many of us have these days…  gourmet iced coffee drinks!

Almost everyone loves ‘em, but they are so loaded with sugar, fat and calories that too many of these and you may soon be sporting one of those ‘Starbuck’s Stomachs’ in no time at all.

But lucky for us, there is THIS:

The NO-GUILT Fat-Burning Frappucino!


-sugar-free non-fat vanilla yogurt
-non-fat milk or almond milk
-instant coffee crystals
-vanilla or chocolate whey protein powder


You’ll start by spooning sugar-free, nonfat vanilla yogurt in an ice cube tray and freezing it into cubes overnight. Then you’ll add them to a blender with a splash of fat-free milk or unsweetened vanilla soy milk, a teaspoon of instant coffee crystals, and a scoop of vanilla or chocolate whey protein powder. Lastly, just sprinkle on some cinnamon to add a little fat-burning kick.  If you want to cut down on the caffeine, just use decaffeinated instant coffee instead.

This will taste so good that you’ll swear it isn’t good for you but it is!

That’s it!  A Simple quick and healthy way to get your gourmet coffee fix on… It’s NOT always depriving yourself of cheat foods or training like an animal in the gym. It’s actually in the “little things” you do throughout your day!