January 2011

Lack Of Sleep Limits Your Fat Loss

When you cut back on sleep research is starting to show that it can affect your weight loss. Some studies are also showing that you lose less fat stores then if you got a good nights sleep.

5 Quick and Easy Breakfast Ideas

Most people complain that breakfast is one the hardest meals to eat in a day. However, your mother was right: it is one of the most important meals.

The NO-GUILT Fat-Burning Frappucino!

Today I wanted to share a healthy recipe alternative for a normally sinful vice many of us have these days…  gourmet iced coffee drinks!

Almost everyone loves ‘em, but they are so loaded with sugar, fat and calories that too many of these and you may soon be sporting one of those ‘Starbuck’s Stomachs’ in no time at all.

But lucky for us, there is THIS:

The NO-GUILT Fat-Burning Frappucino!